A Guy Is Mowing Lawns for Single Moms and Veterans in All 50 States

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In 2016, he started a nonprofit called "Raising Men Lawn Care" that goes to homes of single moms, veterans, and older people, and mows their lawns for free.  And it's all about getting KIDS to volunteer.  Especially boys, but girls too.



He's taking his mission on the road this summer by personally mowing at least one person's lawn in all 50 states.



If he sounds familiar, it's because he did it last year too, hitting all 50 states in 39 days.  He even flew to Hawaii and Alaska, and coordinated the whole thing on social media.



He's already about halfway through his trip this year.  He started in Wisconsin, and was in Tennessee yesterday.



To get more kids involved, he also started something called the "50 Yard Challenge," where kids commit to mowing 50 yards in their own community for free this summer.



At least 137 kids have already signed up, and he's getting more and more every day.  If you want to help out or donate, just go to his website, WeAreRaisingMen.com



(CBS News)




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