I was thinking about Facebook last night....Facebook is actually a pretty cool thing...Yeah, I get sick of the cat pictures and the food pictures but what is cool is the fact that you can be connected and stay connected. For almost 30 years I've talked TO people on the radio. What's cool for me about FB is the fact that I get to see what's going on in other peoples lives. Whether it's your kids, your vacations, your beliefs etc. It's fun to be a part of your life...I recently have sent "messages" to people through FB instead of "comments" because it's like talking one on one..Even if I don't really know you.......Maybe what's a little unique for me is the fact that a lot of "My Friends" on FB I don't know personally. They've heard me on the radio at one time or another or something like that. I still get a kick out of what you're doing.....

Even if we disagree...(You don't always agree with everyone you meet in person either) Life would be pretty damn boring if we all thought the same way and liked the same music and loved the same cars...Anyway, I look forward every morning to seeing what you've been up too!

Doesn't matter if you Love Trump, Hate Trump, Eat Fish, like Country Music or drive an ugly car!

Thanks for keeping me in the loop......Nick

Nick Donovan

Nick Donovan

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