New Reason Not To Lose Weight

Going to the doctor can be stressful for a variety of reasons but for folks who are overweight there is the added stress of having to get on the scale and then be scolded by their docs over it. Well, now one body positivity group is doing something about that.

The group has created what they are calling “Don't Weigh Me Cards,” which request doctors not weigh patients “every time they come in for an appointment because it “stresses them out” and it “perpetuates weight stigma.” The cards also list the reasons why doctors don’t need to weigh patients ever time, including:

  • "Most health conditions can be addressed without knowing my weight”
  • “I pursue healthy behaviors regardless of my weight status”
  • “When you focus on my weight I get stressed.” 

Individuals can get the cards for free (except for shipping), but businesses, including doctors’ offices, are able to purchase them for $32 per 100 cards. There are also cards for parents asking doctors not to talk to their kids about their weight without consent. 

  • Folks online had mixed feelings about the cards, with some thinking they’re a great idea, while others those who need them are being “overly sensitive.” 
    • One person argued, "These cards are an incredibly positive introduction - because most health conditions can be addressed without knowing weight," adding, "focusing on weight can be very stressful to the patient, weight stigma is a VERY real thing that this helps tackle and people can focus on health regardless of their weight."

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