Infant with No Visitor Adopted by Nurse

It was a happy new beginning for a Massachusetts nurse and an infant that had gone five months without a single visitor.

The baby was born premature with neonatal abstinence syndrome due to her birth mother's use of drugs.

Liz Smith, 45, director of nursing at Franciscan Children's hospital in Brighton, fell in love with the infant as another nurse pushed her down a hallway. The unmarried and childless Smith would begin to spend her evenings talking to the little girl and eventually was granted authority to foster the baby named "Gisele."

Last October, after months and the eventual termination of the birth parents' rights, Smith was granted adoption by a judge. Now, 2 years old, Gisele, still needs a feeding tube but is thriving thanks to Liz and her family.

Are you a foster parent? Why do you do it? Have you considered foster parenting? 

Scott Rusk


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