How To Find Hidden Cameras In Vacation Rentals And Hotel Rooms

Worried that the Airbnb or hotel room you rented might have a camera hidden away watching your every move? You're not paranoid. It does happen.

While the home sharing site says they take privacy violations "very seriously," there are some steps you can take to protect yourself while traveling.

CNN reports that the flashlight on your phone is great for locating concealed devices. Shine it at items in the room and check for "reflections from the lens," says Cyber security professor Alan Woodward.

There are apps that can sniff out bugs in the room, but the best advice is to do a physical inspection. Look for tiny holes where one could place a tiny camera, including in "Light fixtures, smoke detectors, clock radios, coffee pots, and electric sockets," says security consultant Mike O'Rourke.

Scott Rusk


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