Which of These Messed-Up crazy Things Would You Do For $5 Million dollars?


 A new survey by Buzzfeed asked people if they'd do a bunch of Crazy...MESSED-UP THINGS for five million dollars.  

 Check 'em out . . .

*Would you only listen to country music for the rest of your life for $5 million?  54% would, 46% wouldn't.

*Quit the Internet for the next 15 years?  45% would, 55% wouldn't.

*Have all your teeth removed?  42% would, 58% wouldn't.

*Do five years in a maximum security prison?  30% would, 70% wouldn't.

*Give up intimacy for the next 30 years?  26% would, 74% wouldn't.

*Eat a live cockroach every day for the rest of your life?  25% would, 75% wouldn't.

*Live in solitude for the next 20 years?  24% would, 76% wouldn't.

*Only eat plain oatmeal for every meal for the rest of your life?  22% would, 78% wouldn't.


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