Peeps Have Plummeted in Popularity in the Face of Better Easter Candy Options

My thoughts on hoping you all had a great Easter with your families.            

Chris Christie's Stairmaster, Matthew McConaughey's shirt closet, Nick Nolte's shower #GreatSpotsToHideEggs


According to a new survey, Peeps have PLUMMETED in popularity over the past few years in the face of better Easter candy options.



When it comes to the candy we're looking forward to this year, 54% of us say Reese's Peanut Butter Chocolate Eggs . . . 48% chocolate bunnies . . . 48% jelly beans . . . 45% Hershey's chocolate eggs . . . and 34% Peeps.



Usually, Peeps is right up around 45%, so that's a major drop.



Peeps tried to spin it by saying, quote, "Peeps continues to be the number one non-chocolate brand at Easter."  And that's not even true, since people preferred jelly beans. 



(Allentown Morning Call)


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