58% of People Like It When Waiters Sing "Happy Birthday" . . . and Seven Other New Stats on People's Restaurant Habits


Here are the results from a new survey by Buzzfeed on our restaurant habits.  Check 'em out . . .



1.  85% of people will pick a booth over a standard table.


2.  71% would rather sit inside than outside.


3.  63% order pretty much the exact same thing every time they go to a restaurant.


4.  Only 38% try to order something healthy.


5.  41% have NEVER eaten at a restaurant alone.


6.  35% don't wait for everyone else's food to come out before they start eating.


7.  58% of people like it when the staff sings "Happy Birthday" . . . but 38% only like it if it isn't THEIR birthday.


8.  And 6% of people get dessert every single time they go out to eat.  19% never get it. 





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