Psychology Majors Are the Only People Who Truly Regret What They Studied


Here's some good news and bad news.  The good news:  There's only ONE college major that people regret getting, which means most of us are in the clear.



The bad news:  The one regrettable major is entirely made up of people who overthink EVERYTHING.



According to a new survey, only 33% of psychology majors say their degree was worth it. 



For EVERY other major, the majority of people said it's worthwhile . . . although these seven cut it pretty close . . .



Just over half of people who majored in art, political science, history, geography, marketing, communications, and media say their degree is worthwhile.



So what majors are the best?  87% of people who studied chemistry and natural sciences say their degree is worthwhile, so do 81% of computer science majors . . . 80% of math and stats majors . . . and 77% of business and finance majors. 





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