It Costs $495 to Keep Your Kids Entertained Over the Summer


According to a new survey, it costs an average of $495 to keep your kid happy and entertained over the summer.



That includes $319 on toys and activities to keep them occupied while they're not in school.  Plus another $176 to take them with you on trips and vacations.  So it doesn't even include stuff like extra money you have to spend on daycare or babysitters.



9% of parents said they start saving up for summer at least six months in advance.  And 35% usually end up strapped for cash by August or September.



Almost two-thirds of parents start planning activities for their kids before summer hits.  But 45% said they're pretty much out of ideas by August.



The average parent said they suggest 13 different activities a week for their kids over the summer.  And that's still not enough.  On average, kids are bored and don't know what to do by about 1:30 every day. 



(Daily Mail)


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