A Cop Paid for a 91-Year-Old's Groceries After She Was Robbed


A 91-year-old woman named Marie Morgan was at a grocery store in Boynton Beach, Florida this month when two guys stole her wallet.



One of them distracted her while the other guy grabbed it out of her purse.  She doesn't have much money, and all her food stamps were in there, plus about $60.  So she was pretty upset.



But one of the cops who responded was a woman named Janelle Jumelles.  (Pronounced Joo-MEL-ez.)  She's been a police officer there for less than a year, and it happened to be her last day of field training.



She says she could tell how shaken up Marie was, and just wanted to get her home.  So she talked to a manager at the store . . . and SHE paid for the groceries.



It's not clear how much they cost.  She told Marie the store was covering it, but called back later to pay for everything in her cart.  Marie was so floored by it she started crying . . . gave her a big hug . . . and the whole thing was recorded on Janelle's body-cam.



She also helped cancel all her credit cards.  Then she and her partner went to Marie's house to see her again.  His name is Evan Esteves, and he bought her a $60 gift card to cover the 60 bucks she lost.



 (ClickOrlando / WPBF)



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