Here's What Each State Has That's Bigger Than Any Other State


Someone posted a list of the one BIG thing each state has that's bigger than any other state.  Like in Illinois, it's the biggest rocking chair.  And New York has the biggest butter sculpture.  Here are some of the weirdest things on the list . . .



For Texas, it's the largest gathering of people dressed as turkeys . . . Wisconsin has the largest lawn mower parade . . . Kentucky holds the record for largest game of 'Secret Santa' . . . and Florida has the largest collection of flamingo-related items.



Pennsylvania has the largest gathering of furries . . . Vermont has the largest softball tournament played in snow . . . New Jersey has the largest beer can collection . . . Rhode Island has the largest sock . . . and Ohio has the largest collection of Troll dolls.

And our state.....The largest Liquor Store....



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