Joe Flacco Tops a List of the NFL's 10 Most Overpaid Players


So, it's no surprise that Flacco tops a "USA Today" list of 'The NFL's 15 Most Overpaid Players.' 



Here's the Top 10 . . .



1.  Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens.  He earns $24.6 million, which is #1 among quarterbacks.  He's in the middle of an extended nine-year, $187 million deal that he originally signed after winning the Super Bowl in 2013.



2.  Clay Matthews, Green Bay Packers.  He gets $15.1 million, which is third among outside linebackers, even though he isn't as good as he used to be.



3.  Tavon Austin, Los Angeles Rams.  He makes $15 million, which is third among wide receivers.



4.  Brock Osweiler, Cleveland Browns.  He earns $16 million . . . making him the 17th highest paid quarterback.  Which doesn't sound too bad, until you consider that it's $2 million MORE than Brady gets, and Osweiler is unproven and, well, terrible.  Brady's record in games he's started is 208-61, Osweiler's is 14-9.



5.  Mike Glennon, Chicago Bears.  He makes $14 million, which is 20th at quarterback, and TIED with Brady.  Glennon's career record is 5-13.  (Face-palm.)



6.  Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys.  He is earning $12.6 million, which makes him the highest paid tight-end.  And he's 35.



7.  Haloti Ngata, Detroit Lions.  He makes $7.7 million, which makes him the 16th highest paid defensive tackle.



8.  Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins.  He makes $23.9 million, which makes him the second-highest paid quarterback behind Flacco.



9.  Coby Fleener, New Orleans Saints.  He makes $7.5 million, which is sixth among tight-ends.



10.  Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys.  He makes $17 million, which makes him the highest paid receiver. 


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