The Ten Best Cities to Have Some Good Old-Fashioned Fun

***By the way, Colorado Springs came in at #33 on the list....                

A new study looked at the 100 biggest cities in America, and ranked them according to how easy it is to go out and have some good old-fashioned FUN.



They looked at things like movie ticket prices . . . how many public parks and theme parks there are . . . how many ice cream shops each city has . . . and how nice the weather is.  They also looked at how many bars there are, but didn't really factor that in much.  Here are the top ten cities . . .



1.  Orlando.  There's a lot of family-friendly stuff to do, and it's not all just Disney-related.  Plus the weather's nice, and it's pretty cheap compared to most cities.


2.  San Diego.


3.  Las Vegas.


4.  Tampa.


5.  Atlanta.


6.  Cincinnati.


7.  Tucson.


8.  Denver.


9.  San Francisco, even though it's the second most EXPENSIVE city to have fun in.  The most expensive is New York.


10.  Chicago. 



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