Signs You're Living the 'Modern' American Dream


 A recent survey had people name the top signs you're living the "modern" American dream.  It's not exactly clear what that MEANS, but they posted a list of the top answers...



There are a few big ones, like owning a $40,000 car and having at least $35,000 in savings.  But here are a lot more attainable ones.  They're a nice reminder of how good most Americans have it, even if it doesn't always feel that way . . .



1.  Having a Netflix subscription.

2..  Being able to buy gadgets every now and then, like a new phone.


3.  Having steak at least once a month.


4.  Being able to donate old clothes to Goodwill, because you don't need them anymore.


5. Having enough free time to do leisurely stuff, like going on walks or bike rides.


(SWNS Digital)


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