The Best Warm and Cold Places in America to Travel to This Winter

          just released the results of a study where they found the best WARM cities and the best COLD cities in the country for your winter vacations.

 Denver came in at number 10 on the best Cold city list..


Both sets of rankings are based on things like the costs of hotels and food and the number of attractions and things to do.



Then the cold cities also factor in stuff like skiing, ice skating, and spas . . . and the warm cities factor in things like amusement parks and ice cream shops.



The five best cold cities for vacations this winter are:  Chicago . . . Portland, Oregon . . . D.C. . . . Pittsburgh . . . and New York City.  The worst city is Bridgeport, Connecticut.



And the five best warm cities are:  Orlando . . . Las Vegas . . . San Diego . . . Austin, Texas . . . and Los Angeles.  The worst is Santa Barbara, California. 





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