The Biggest Turn-Off When You Bring a Woman Home Is . . . Stealing Your Nei


Remember the good old days of high school in Pueblo...cruising down Main Street, teepeeing somebody's house before the bell game and those early dates in our college years, roomates, dirty house, only butter in the fridge on your early dates....not the #1 concern with women today.  Check out this story.  

According to a new survey, when you invite a woman over to your place, the biggest turn-off for her is . . . you stealing your neighbors' Internet.  88% of women say that's the biggest red flag of all.



And the second-biggest turn-off is . . . having a roommate.  82% of women say that's an issue . . . and so do 69% of men.



The biggest turn-ons are a clean bathroom, nice sheets, and a nice yard. 



(PR Newswire)


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