The Most Popular Food in Every State . . . According to the People Who Live

I think they nailed Colorado.....they put Breakfast Burritos as #1 and Green Chili at #2.  In Pueblo it would be reversed.                   

Buzzfeed actually surveyed people in all 50 states about the most popular food where they live.  And they definitely SEEM to be right on.



In a lot of states, the people there voted for their signature food . . . like bagels in New York, deep dish pizza in Illinois, cheesesteaks in Pennsylvania, poke in Hawaii, maple syrup in Vermont, and barbecue in Texas.



But a lot of states got more obscure foods, like a cubed, fried red meat dish in South Dakota called chislic . . . a Norwegian flatbread called lefse in North Dakota . . . and toasted ravioli in Missouri.



And then there's Alaska, where the number one pick was ICE CREAM.  I guess if you live in Alaska, you like things that are cold, regardless of how impractical they are. 





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