Are These Movies Really So Scary That People Can't Finish Watching Them?

posted by Phil -

Ok, can you watch a scary movie at Tinseltown or your house and do you stop watching it because it's too scary?                               

Netflix has come out with a list of movies that are supposedly so scary, people can't finish watching them.                   

1.  "Cabin Fever", 2016


2.  "Carnage Park", 2016


3.  "Mexico Barbaro", 2014


4.  "Piranha", 2010


5.  "Raw", 2016


6.  "Teeth", 2007


7.  "The Conjuring", 2013


8.  "The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence", 2011


9.  "The Void", 2016


10.  "Jeruzalem", 2015






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