5 Things That Aren't Actually More Expensive Than 30 Years Ago

Who remembers Yellow Front where Convergys is at now???  That's where I did all my shopping.                   

1.  Computers.  A Macintosh PC in the '80s cost $2,500, which is like SIX GRAND today.  New Apple desktops start at $1,300 now, or you can get a Dell for about $400.



2.  Movie tickets.  An average ticket cost $3.55 cents in 1985.  With inflation, that's $8, compared to $8.97 for an average ticket today.  So it's actually stayed pretty steady.



3.  Gas.  In the mid '80s, the average was $1.12 a gallon, or $2.63 with inflation.  Today, the national average is $2.77.  So it's actually still pretty close to what it was.



4.  Stamps.  In the mid-80s, it cost 22 cents to mail a letter.  Now it's 50 cents.  But with inflation, they've actually gotten cheaper.  22 cents would be 52 cents today.



5.  A gallon of milk.  It cost an average of $1.09 in 1985, which would be $2.56 with inflation.  Today, the average is $1.96.  So it's actually much cheaper than it was.  And eggs are cheaper too . . . $1.38 now compared to $2.39 then, with inflation.



Something that HAS skyrocketed in price are newspapers.  "The New York Times" cost 40 cents back then, or about $1 with inflation.  Now it's $3.



And HOMES are much more expensive too.  The average home today is $377,000 compared to $96,000 then, or $226,000 with inflation.  But homes are also BIGGER now . . . 2,700 square feet compared to 1,800 square feet in 1985. 





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