The 10 Worst and 10 Best in the Rock & Roll HOF

posted by Phil -

I am blown away by this list...Journey and Chicago should definitely be on the BEST side.                 

Here are the 10 Worst Acts in the Rock Hall . . . and why:



1.  Bon Jovi . . . He says they outsourced their songwriting to Desmond Child so they could focus on "hairdos and marketing."  He calls their induction "comical," and says they aren't in a rock band, they're "the guys in the MOVIE about the rock band."



2.  Queen . . . Quote, "When popularity is factored in, Queen is the most overrated band in the history of pop music."



3.  Journey . . . "The ultimate guilty-pleasure band."



4.  Chicago . . . "A self-indulgent, lite-rock ensemble known first for bringing horn charts into the mix . . . and second, for a seemingly unending string of two- and even four-record sets in the '70s."



5.  Rush . . . "They lack a single song you could play for someone to try to convince them of the band's importance."



6.  KISS . . . "Another band with two-and-a-half decent songs and many decades of pointless recording and touring."



7.  The Moody Blues . . . He says, "they were fine for what they were, [but were] another Boomer nostalgia band getting [in] to help push tickets."



8.  N.W.A . . . He notes their controversial lyrics, and says, "they're more than a footnote in rock history, but there's not much to them beyond their first album."



9.  Joan Jett & the Blackhearts . . . "She never recorded a better-than-not-unlistenable album, much less a great one . . . Her hits were covers, and live, the Blackhearts were . . . decent?"



10.  Red Hot Chili Peppers . . . He takes a shot at them for abandoning their naughtiness, and sucking up to the rock establishment, and notes that their manager is a member of the Rock Hall nominating committee.



And now, here are the 10 Best Acts in the Rock Hall, which are self-explanatory . . .



1.  Chuck Berry


2.  The Beatles


3.  Bob Dylan


4.  Elvis Presley


5.  James Brown


6.  Prince


7.  The Ramones


8.  Nirvana


9.  Buddy Holly


10.   Muddy Waters



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