10 Things Parents Miss from Before They Had Kids

I know I can relate to all of these.....how about you Pueblo parents?                   

Almost 90% of parents in a new survey said having kids was the best thing they've ever done.  But 70% also said they underestimated how much HARDER life would be.  Here are the top ten things parents miss about not having kids . . .



1.  Getting to be lazy on the weekend.


2.  A clean and tidy house.


3.  Total peace and quiet while you're watching TV.


4.  Getting to leave the house whenever you want, without worrying about a babysitter.


5.  Spending money without worrying about your budget so much.


6.  Taking a shower or bath without being interrupted.


7.  Date nights.


8.  Going to the bathroom without being interrupted.


9.  Being able to take a vacation any time of year, not just in the summer.


10.  Getting a good night's sleep more often.



A few more from the top 50 include going out with friends more often . . . not being asked "WHY" all the time . . . watching R-rated movies . . . the freedom to swear whenever you want to . . . the luxury of doing nothing when you're hung over . . . and being able to listen to YOUR favorite music in the car. 





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