The Top 10 Signs You Have a Well-Rounded Life

I like this you agree...for me I would add attending the Chili and Frijole Festival and State Fair                 

 new survey asked people what goes in to having a good work-life balance.  And here are their picks for the top 10 things you do that show you've got a well-rounded life . . .



1.  Spending time with your family.


2.  Watching TV and movies.


3.  Getting enough sleep.


4.  Taking time for yourself every day.


5.  Listening to music or podcasts.


6.  Spending time with friends.


7.  Keeping your house clean and organized.


8.  Being Intimate


9.  Spending time outdoors, in nature.


10.  Spending time with a pet. 



(New York Post)


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