Drinking One Beer a Week Can Increase Your Risk of Prostate Cancer by 40%

How scary is this for us guys????                    

A professor at the University of Montreal interviewed nearly 4,000 men . . . about half had advanced-stage prostate cancer, and the other half didn't.  And they found that your risk of developing prostate cancer might be connected to your love of BEER.



They found that drinking as few as 63 beers a year could cause a 40% increased risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer.  That's only a little more than one beer a WEEK.



And the more you drink, the earlier you could develop cancer.  According to the study, if you started with two beers a day when you were 18, you could develop prostate cancer by age 65.  At three beers a day, you're at a higher risk of having prostate cancer by 50.



The good news is, this only applies to beer.  If you drink wine or liquor, even heavily, the researchers found you aren't at an increased risk of developing prostate cancer. 



(Business Insider)



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