A Woman Who's "Very Scared" of Halloween Is Trying to Hire Someone to Take

Where do I sign up for this gig?                  

There's a single mother in Merseyside, England who just posted a job ad on a British site called Childcare.co.uk.



Quote, "I get very scared at Halloween because of the costumes and speaking to strangers to ask for sweets for kids.  I have severe social anxiety and am uncomfortable trick-or-treating, but I'd like for my kids to experience it."



So . . . she's looking to hire someone to take her nine-year-old, her seven-year-old, and her three-year-old trick-or-treating.



She's offering to pay $65-an-hour and she figures it should take about four hours total.  So it's actually a really good deal for whoever gets the gig.



There's no word on whether she's hired anyone yet. 



(Birmingham Live)


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