Life Costs $525 More a Month After You Have Kids

I'm surprised it's this low...                

Researchers polled 2,000 couples to find out how much more life costs when you have kids.  And the answer they came up with is . . . about $525 more a month, on average.



It was done in England, so the numbers might not totally translate over here.  For example, housing costs are different, and they don't have to pay for health insurance over there.



But the survey found the average couple without kids can get away with spending as little as $1,309 a month on basic bills and other necessities . . . including rent, food, and even things like gym memberships.



But for couples with at least one child, it jumps to at least $1,844 a month.



The single biggest cost that goes up is the price of housing . . . including your rent or mortgage, plus utilities.  It jumps about 44%, because most people end up needing a bigger place.



The cost of clothes and shoes jumps about 53%.  And food costs jump about 25%.  But spending on one thing does PLUMMET after you have kids.  You spend a lot less on BOOZE and partying.



With that said, having more disposable income was NOT the thing parents said they miss most about life before kids.  Getting enough sleep and having more spare time were the most popular answers. 





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