The 10 Best Things About Working From Home

Hmmm, could really use a studio in my house boss lol                   

According to a new survey, one out of five Americans say they now work remotely either all the time or at least a few days a week.  And here are the top 10 perks of that life . . .



1.  There's more flexibility with your hours and breaks.


2.  You save time by not commuting.


3.  There are fewer distractions.


4.  You save money, especially on transportation costs.


5.  You're more productive.


6.  It lets you help take care of your kids and other family members


7.  It's better for your mental health and happiness.


8.  It lets you take care of pets.


9.  It's easier to be accountable for yourself.


10.  It's more environmentally friendly. 



(SWNS Digital)


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