2018 Jingle Bell Rock

Stay tuned to KPHT 95.5 and listen on how you can win thousands of dollars worth in prizes in Pueblo's favorite contest! Get ready for the 2018 A-Affordable Disposal Jingle Bell Rock!



You do not have to dig to find the Jingle Bell Rock.

The Jingle Bell Rock is not hidden on residential property and is located in the Pueblo area.

The Jingle Bell Rock is not hidden where you would be in any danger.

When looking for the Jingle Bell Rock carefully ensure your personal safety at all times.

You must obey all traffic laws.

The Jingle Bell Rock winner must turn it in within 24 hours of finding it to KPHT Management.

KPHT retains written description, identifying information, serial number, and the location where it is hidden; the contest winner must present the official Jingle Bell Rock, which matches KPHT's details of the Rock.

In the event of a dispute, KPHT management will make every effort to assure fairness, and the decision of KPHT Management will be final.

Contest participants acknowledge that KPHT is not liable and/or responsible for any loss or injury to participants.

You must be 18 years of age or older to claim the prizes in the Jingle Bell Rock contest.

Taxes are the responsibility of the Jingle Bell Rock winner.

The Jingle Bell Rock contest winner agrees to allow KPHT to use their name and likeness for promotional purposes.

By participating in the KPHT Jingle Bell Rock contest, participants agree to accept and abide by all the above rules.


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