The Top 10 Hardest Questions People Hear in Job Interviews

Good way to prepare for that job interview if you need one friends.  Check this out.                   

So the survey also found the 10 questions that are most likely to trip people up during job interviews.  Here they are, so you can prepare to deal with them . . .



1.  "What are your weaknesses?"


2.  "Why should I hire you?"


3.  "Tell me about yourself."


4.  "Why do you want to work here?"


5.  "Tell me about the worst boss you ever had."


6.  "What are your strengths?"


7.  "Describe yourself in three words."


8.  "If you could turn back time and live your life over, what would you do different?"


9.  "Describe a difficult situation and how you dealt with it."


10.  "What do you know about us?" 



(SWNS Digital)


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