One-Third of People Get Burned Out on the Holidays Before Christmas

Not me, I celebrate with Xmas music in the summer.  Don't judge me lol                   

HOLIDAY BURNOUT is a very real thing.  According to a new survey, more than one out of three people say they usually get burned out on the holidays at some point BEFORE Christmas.  And here are the top 10 things that cause it . . .



1.  Shopping, 65%.


2.  Crowds, 63%.


3.  Long lines, 58%.


4.  Buying presents, 51%.


5.  Cooking, 48%.


6.  Figuring out what to buy for people, 46%.


7.  Constantly hearing holiday music, 45%.


8.  The pressure of making Christmas special, 44%.


9.  Nonstop holiday commercials on TV, 36%.


10.  Wrapping presents, 34%. 





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