56% of People Give Their Car a Name

Okay, what was your first car????  Mine, a 1974 Chevy Nova that my mom actually gave me.  Pretty cool my sweet pea lol.  Yes, I am part of this story.....                  

According to a new survey, 56% of people say they've named their car.



The main inspiration for the name is a prominent feature of the car, like its color or a sound it makes.  The second-most common inspiration is something from pop culture.



The survey also found about 40% of people regularly talk to their cars. 



And finally . . . two other things about the INTIMACY we have with our cars.



23% of people say they've felt guilty by cheating on their car by driving another one . . . and the average person is intimate in their car three times.  In their car, not WITH their car.




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