Listen To Neil Peart's Isolated Drum Tracks From Rush's 'Spirit Of Radio'

Rush became one of the most admired bands of the 20th century in no small part because of its professor of percussion, Neil Peart.

Though the band took its final bows five years ago and Peart himself sadly passed away in January, there's little question that Rush's legacy with live on for generations to come.

Peart's technical prowess as a drummer was unmatched in his day and the compositional breadth of his playing is on full display in these isolated drums from Rush's 1980 hit "The Spirit of Radio," the lyrics to which were also penned by Peart.

Rush's three-piece band configuration left little to distract from Peart's brilliance in a normal mix, but hearing Peart's parts at the fore shed new light on how musical his approach was.

Though you can faintly hear Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson in the background of the track for reference, Peart's playing — especially the chattering of his cymbals and tom-toms — is so remarkably vocal, you don't need it.

Listen to the track in the player above!

Photo: Getty Images

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