Vanessa Bryant Shares Photo Of ‘Sex And The City’ Dress Kobe Gave Her

Vanessa Bryant rediscovered a thoughtful gift her late husband Kobe Bryant once gave her: the famous dress beloved character Carrie Bradshaw wore during the series finale of Sex and the City.

"#SexandtheCity When Mr. Big comes and gets Carrie back. Paris," Vanessa captioned a side-by-side photo of the iconic dress on her bed and a screenshot of Sarah Jessica Parker wearing the dress during the show's finale.

She added, "Missing my boo-boo and my sweet girl. So nice to have found this dress today. You set the bar so high baby. No love like REAL LOVE❤️."

In May, Vanessa shared an Instagram photo of a set of unopened love notes that her husband wrote to her before his passing earlier this year. "Yesterday I found an envelope labeled To: The Love of my Life. From, Tu Papi ❤️," Vanessa captioned the photo ahead of her 38th birthday. "I waited to open one more letter on my birthday. It gave me something to look forward to today.❤️"

She added, "The irony is that Kobe had a photo of me drawn with an Angel holding me up by an artist on the cover. Missing the Love of my Life and my sweet little Mamacita- my fellow Taurus [Gianna]. Grateful to wake up to my 3 sweet girls today. Wish we were all together. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#MyBirthdayWish."

Photo: Getty Images/Vanessa Bryant Instagram/HBO