Man Who Invented The Cassette Tape Has Passed. 94 Years Old.

The man who invented the audio cassette tape has died at the age of 94.

Lou Ottens was a Dutch engineer who helped develop the portable tape recorder in 1960. Annoyed with the clunky design of reel-to-reel tapes, he introduced the cassette tape three years later.

More than 100 million cassette tapes have been sold over the years - the format has even made a comeback in recent years with retro music fans. Although not quite as much as vinyl. Vinyl still sounds better. You know vinyl has just outsold CDs for new music.

It was a HUGE improvement over the 8 Track tapes people listened to in cars. Because the 8 Tracks would stop in the middle of a song like, "Freebird" you'd be jamming along to it and you'd have to wait for it to stop start and then go to the next track to finish the song. With the cassette it was as if you had vinyl in the car. Each side of the cassette was one of the sides on your vinyl.